• Oat Beta Glucan Powder 1,3/1,4
  • Oat Beta Glucan Powder 1,3/1,4

Oat Beta Glucan Powder 1,3/1,4

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Optimum Health: Oat Beta Glucan Powder is one of the most popular beta glucan supplements. Beta-glucan supplement powder is a must-have for those who are looking for a 1 3 beta glucan boost.

Kid-Friendly: Our unflavored oat b glucans powder can be added to breakfast cereal or smoothies making it the ideal kids beta glucan supplement. Our beta glucans mix quickly and easily into drinks and soups. Try our betaglucan 1-3 500mg with yogurt or sprinkle betaglucan 500 on a tasty fruit treat.

Happy Heart: Our oat beta glucan 250 mg consists of unbranched linear chains with beta 1,3 and beta 1,4 linkages that boost cardiovascular health. Just one serving of beta d glucan with breakfast is a heart healthy start to your day.

Boost Digestion: This concentrated beta 1 3 glucan powder is a rich nutrient that boosts digestive function. Our beta glucan 1 3d glucan is water soluble and fiber rich. Try our beta glucan 250mg powder mixed with your favorite drink for a quick lift.

Love Your Supplements: You'll love the superior quality of our bata glucan powder. Here at XPRS Nutra, our first priority is ensuring that we are providing our customers with premium beta glucans supplement organic in an ethical manner, at an affordable price. Don't like the taste? Try filling beta glucan for kids powder in our gelatin capsules.