• Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules
  • Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules
  • Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules
  • Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules
  • Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules
  • Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules

Size 3 SEPARATED Empty Vegan Capsules

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  • Fast Capsule Filling - These empty pill capsules come pre-separated to make the capsule filling process quick and simple. Say goodbye to crushed capsules... Our 3 separated capsules are specially designed to be used with your capsule filling tray. Separated 3 capsules hold 150mg to 300mg of powdered supplements, depending on density.
  • Snap Shut Design - Our expertly engineered snap shut design ensures you won't waste any of your valuable powders, herbs or ingredients during or after filling your pills. The click shut feature also helps protect the contents of your 3 capsules separated from humidity and air. Have peace of mind knowing that your vegan capsules are secure.
  • Easy to Digest - Our veggie capsules are made from HPMC vegetable cellulose and will easily dissolve in your gastrointestinal tract for maximum absorption of your supplement ingredients. These vegan capsules empty 3 are Kosher with no additives, preservatives, or gluten. Be sure to check out our line of gel capsules empty and powdered supplements.
  • Customize Your Supplements - At XPRS Nutra (Capsules Express), we go the extra mile to provide premium vegetable capsules for use with all kinds of supplemental powders. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all things related to filling empty capsules. Try using your capsule machine with our capsules and powders to create your own supplement blends.
  • Love Your Supplements - We know you'll love the quality and convenience of our capsules size 3. We source from trusted suppliers and process all of our inventory in Utah, USA. Up your health game this year with our empty capsules 3 separated. Visit our storefront to see our full line of gel caps, vegetarian capsules, powdered supplements, and more.
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